Our Story

Fruit brandies have a long and strong tradition in many European Jewish families.As a 10th generation Jewish German family we are proud to introduce the first kosher product of this kind since World War II coming from Hannover, Germany. All our spirits are handmade in limited quantities by an experienced distiller in a local small distillery using only top-quality fruit, that is hand sorted, hand cleaned and checked.Each of our spirits come in a unique bottle that has been hand bottled and hand labeled.All our products are free or any artificial and synthetic additives or preservatives, free of flavoring extracts, free of artificial sugar substitutes and free of GMOs.Simons of Hannover kosher spirits and kosher fruit brandies are made under a supervision of Rabbiner Levi Gottlib (Hannover). All our products are Kosher – Mehadrin.

Simons of Hannover
Simons of Hannover is named after Israel Simon (1807-1883) and Alexander Moritz Simon (1837-1905). Both Simons were important Jewish personalities coming from Hannover.Israel Simon (1807– 1883)Israel was the leading banker of Hannover and one of the richest men in the Kingdom of Hannover at the time. Israel was the most trusted financial advisor and a banker to the last King of Hannover – King Georg V. In 1857-59, he built a palace – Palais Simon in Hannover.  After 1866 the Palais Simon was used by various institutions. In the 20th century, the palace was heavily damaged during the air strikes on Hannover and later torn down. Israel had repeatedly given donations both to the city of Hannover and to the local Jewish community.  Among these generous donations were, for example, the Simonsplatz (named in his honor) where he donated a well for the city and an orphanage for Jewish boys in Hannover.Alexander Moritz Simon (Moses Simon) – (1837-1905)Alexander (Moses) was a leading banker in Hannover, Germany. Among the many local landmarks that he financed and built were, for example, the famous Park House near the Herrenhausen Royal Gardens and the Gardening School in Hannover-Ahlem which nowadays serves as a memorial to the German Jewish community destroyed in the 2nd World War.