Apple Brandy 40%

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Simons of Hannover kosher Apple Brandy is made from the best hand selected, hand cored and hand cleaned apples from local apple orchards.

We currently only accept orders via email at with proof of age.



Our apple brandy – cask finish is made from the best apples grown at local apple orchards. Each apple is hand picked, hand selected, hand washed, hand cored and carefully checked. Simons of Hannover apple brandy – cask finish has been matured for 3-9 months in wooden casks. Our Apple Brandy – cask finish has a deeply aromatic, bold, warming and sweet flavor of apples and a beautiful golden color. Great experience for all gourmets and connoisseurs!

We recommend pairing our Apple Brandy with desserts made of apples or with strong aged cheeses. This fruit brandy also enhances an experience of a good quality Cigar.

Handmade in limited quantities in Germany.

Serving Temperature: 16° – 18° C